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Cars, Carpools, Ferries and the Shuttle Service

Everything is starting to come together for this year's race(it'll be the 5th year this year). The race has grown quite popular and this year we'll have over 300 runners. That a lot of people for one little parking lot. That's also a lot of cars being driven to go play in the woods.

Please strongly consider carpooling in cars of 4 or more people and/or taking advantage of the shuttle service that I've coordinated to take folks to and from the Orcas Ferry Landing. Most of the runners are coming from or going through major cities so carpooling should be quite easy. I've posted this same email to the blog and those of you looking to carpool can comment to the blog post to match up with other riders or drivers(be sure to post whether you're a rider or driver,how many folks you can accomadate if you're driving, where you live, and when you want to travel).

Also it's not too late to sign up for the shuttle service if you haven't already--just email me to let me know which arrival and departure options you want)

And for those of you who have already signed up for the shuttle service (thanks!) I need to get some feedback from ya'll to make sure we have enough buses available to carry everyone and their luggage/gear. As of now the plan is to offer 4 options for arrivals and 3 options for departures (they're listed below) please look them over and email me your preferred options so i can make the reservations accordingly-- the sooner you can do this the better!

arrival options(shuttle will pick you up at Orcas when the ferry arrives)*
  1. Ferry departs Anacortes Friday at 4:00pm arrives Orcas 5:20pm
  2. Ferry departs Anacortes Friday at 7:10pm arrives Orcas 8:00pm
  3. Ferry departs Anacortes Friday at 7:50pm arrives Orcas 9:05pm
  4. Ferry departs Anacortes Saturday at 5:40am arrives Orcas 7:00am
departure options*
  1. Shuttle departs Camp Moran Saturday at 2:50pm to catch the 3:35pm ferry
  2. Shuttle departs Camp Moran Saturday at 5:35pm to catch the 6:20pm ferry
  3. Shuttle departs Camp Moran Sunday at 8:10am to catch the 8:55am ferry
*These are my preferred options but there are other options for the shuttle if none of these work for you so please let me know what would work better for you and we'll see if we can work it out.