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25k Route Description

0.0 camp moran
0.1 cross road
0.3 turn right onto road
0.4 at the end of road find trail behind campsite 17 and turn left not straight
0.5 turn left not right
1.1 continue stright not left
1.3 turn right onto road, cross bridge and immeadiately after turn left onto trail
1.4 turn right towards cascaade falls not striaght
1.5 turn right above falls
1.8 turn right onto road
2.0 turn left onto trail
2.7 at dam bridge turn left
3.3 turn right onto road
3.4 turn left onto trail
4.5 turn right
5.4 continue striaght not left
6.4 mt constitution aid station #1
7.6 turn left
9.5 continue straight not left or right
10.5 turn right towards cascade lake
12.8 cross road and follow trail to the right and around cascade lake
13.1 continue straight not right
13.3 stright/right away from lake not right bridge is still out.
13.6 straight not left
13.7 turn left at trail head keep looking on left for trail on the other side of the lagoon
14.2 turn right not left
14.8 in campgroung get onto road
14.9 turn left onto trail
15.1 cross road
15.2 finish at camp moran