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50k Route Description

0.0 start
0.2 turn right onto trail not road
0.3 turn left
0.5 turn right onto road, cross bridge, turn left immeadiately onto trail.
0.6 continue straight not left
1.4 turn right onto road
1.8 turn left onto trail
2.7 continue straight not left
4.2 continue straight not left
4.4 continue straight not left
4.7 turn right onto secret viewpoint route.
5.0 turn right to rejoin real trail
5.6 top of mt pickett turn left onto road
7.6 turn right onto different rd towards mountain lake
7.7 turn left at mountain lake towards dam.
7.8 continue straight not right don't cross bridge below dam
8.5 turn right onto road
8.7 turn left onto trail
9.0 continue straight at cascade falls not left or right
9.2 cross road to trail
9.4 turn right
9.5 turn left
9.7 camp moran aid station #1(actually ~11-12 miles)
9.8 turn right
9.9 cross road
10.1 turn left towrds cascade lake
10.7 cross road at north end camp and continue following trail around cascade lake
11.0 turn right and right again immeadiately go uphill to gate and park fee building
11.1 after crossing main road and going past north end arch turn right onto north boundary trail
13.6 turn left towards twin lakes
15.5 turn left
15.8 continue straight not left
16.5 at mountain lake go left
18.6 stay on trail around lake don't go left
18.7 at the dam bridge turn right don't go straight like you did the first time
19.3 turn right onto road
19.4 mountain landing: water aid only!
20.5 turn right towards mt constitution
21.4 continue straight not left
22.4 mt constition aid #2 (more like ~25mi)
23.6 turn left
25.5 continue straight not right or left
26.5 turn right
28.8 cross road and follow trail around cascade lake
29.1 continue stright not right like the first time
29.3 stright/right away from lake not right bridge is still out.
29.6 straight not left
29.7 turn left at trail head keep looking on left for trail on the other side of the lagoon
30.2 turn right not left
30.8 in campgroung get onto road
30.9 turn left onto trail
31.1 cross road
31.2 finish at camp moran (maybe ~33-35 miles)